Meet Dr. Jolley

“If you see a friend without a smile, give him one of yours.” – Proverb

Dr. Loren Jolley was born and grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada in a family of eight! Although always intrigued by the medical field and the sciences, he spent a lot of his time growing up playing music in several bands, but finally decided to pursue the much more glamorous career of making people smile.

He attended the University of California, San Francisco for many years where he earned a Bachelors in Dental Science, a Doctorate in Dental Surgery, a Masters in Oral and Craniofacial Sciences, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Orthodontics. At UCSF, he was also involved in innovative research projects in the fields of radiography and three-dimensional imaging.

Dr. Jolley certified in Invisalign – the braceless alternative to traditional braces, and has experience with child, adult, multi-disciplinary, and surgical orthodontics, as well as craniofacial anomalies. When not treating patients, you’ll probably find him either trying the cuisine at a new obscure restaurant, traveling or outdoors doing something active. He likes to keep active and tries to set aside time to help the less fortunate.

Research Publications

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